UXD720 Week 6: Reading Week

Image credit: Annie Spratt One of my biggest insecurities of the last module was my struggle with academic papers. I romanticised the idea of getting lost in scholarly literature, like Gandalf searching the old archives at Minas Tirith… At least once a week I found myself totally despondent at my inability to engage with peerContinue reading “UXD720 Week 6: Reading Week”

UXD720 Week 2: User Research

Image credit: Dan Dimmock Acquiring a qualitative mindset. Carrying out user research has always been something that I have shied away from. That’s partly because I think there’s an expectation for a researcher to be an expert in their field, and I’m yet to feel like an expert in any facet of the tech industry.Continue reading “UXD720 Week 2: User Research”

CRJ Week 11: Real WORKS

Image credit: Daniel Cheung Going into this week as someone seeking employment, I’m keen to reap as much value from the content as I can. In the last two months, I’ve produced multiple iterations of my CV. One of the more recent additions is a link to my about page. There, I’ve showcased some ofContinue reading “CRJ Week 11: Real WORKS”

GDD710 Week 9: Communities of Practice

Image credit: Park Troopers Having been in the tech industry for only three years, I consider myself to be somewhat of a novice in UX design. Of course, if that wasn’t the case I probably wouldn’t be studying what I am today. That’s not to say that I am still at the first stepping stoneContinue reading “GDD710 Week 9: Communities of Practice”

GDD710 Week 8: Research

Image credit: Michael Longmire Whilst working on our wireframes of RI2, Astrid and I briefly discussed, if we were to turn the artefact into a business venture, how would we go about collecting user feedback. Initally, I proposed the idea of beta testing with a small demographic. In previous roles, I have suplemented automated testsContinue reading “GDD710 Week 8: Research”

GDD710 Week 7: Version Control

Image credit: Bimata Prathama Thursday 5th November. This week marked the start of the second rapid ideation challenge. Before I dive into the reflections, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate my Partner in this activity, Astrid. Our matched enthusiasm levels, work ethics, and learning objectives have made us an effective team. For readersContinue reading “GDD710 Week 7: Version Control”