UXD720 Week 11: Delivering a Case Study

Image credit: Alex Litvin UXD720 in retrospect.As we near the end of this module, it feels as though I have one last opportunity to come up for air and reflect on my journey over the last 3 months before I knuckle back down for the final push. Conveniently, part of this module’s assignment is toContinue reading “UXD720 Week 11: Delivering a Case Study”

UXD720 Week 8: Visual Design

Image credit: Amador Loureiro Visual design, as demanded by usability testing. A few weeks back, I started to look at colour palettes for my app. I flitted between palette-picker apps, picked a few colours, applied them to my prototype, felt entirely unsatisfied, and ran out of steam. I made no progress with my prototype, atContinue reading “UXD720 Week 8: Visual Design”

UXD720 Week 7: Prototyping & Usability

Image credit: Sigmund Learnings from prototype iteration #1. I’ve now made the jump from analog wireframes to an early digital prototype. I found the biggest surprise of that process to be the number of details my wireframes overlooked. Following one user’s journey through my app has left so many facets of the system untouched andContinue reading “UXD720 Week 7: Prototyping & Usability”

UXD720 Week 3: Who Are Our Users?

Image credit: Jonas Jacobsson Typological and topographical analysis. Before I ask myself ‘who are my users?’, I need to update you—dear reader—on my progress on last week’s challenge activity. Neil Leonard and Gavin Ambrose, 2012 pp. 128-129, describe two approaches to categorising; typology and topography. Typology refers to the study of groups of things, andContinue reading “UXD720 Week 3: Who Are Our Users?”

UXD720 Week 2: User Research

Image credit: Dan Dimmock Acquiring a qualitative mindset. Carrying out user research has always been something that I have shied away from. That’s partly because I think there’s an expectation for a researcher to be an expert in their field, and I’m yet to feel like an expert in any facet of the tech industry.Continue reading “UXD720 Week 2: User Research”

GDD710 Week 10: Agile Practice

Image credit: Andrea Lightfoot Of the working environments that I have had exposure to in this industry (either by employment, visit, or as an interviewee) all have claimed to use agile practices. Several reported using a combination of Lean, Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, unique in one way or another. In the companies that IContinue reading “GDD710 Week 10: Agile Practice”

GDD710 Week 7: Version Control

Image credit: Bimata Prathama Thursday 5th November. This week marked the start of the second rapid ideation challenge. Before I dive into the reflections, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate my Partner in this activity, Astrid. Our matched enthusiasm levels, work ethics, and learning objectives have made us an effective team. For readersContinue reading “GDD710 Week 7: Version Control”

GDD710 Week 5: Reflection

Image credit: Marc-Olivier Jodoin Sunday 18th October. Today I started the digital wireframe for my concept. To add another tier of challenge I decided not to use my usual platforms of Adobe XD or Marvel. Instead I tried Axure. Despite the keybindings being different at times and the menus being structured differently, I was ableContinue reading “GDD710 Week 5: Reflection”

GDD710 Week 2: Creativity

Image credit: @zgc1993 This week’s challenge activity was to transform a piece of media into a new artefact, using one of the techniques discussed in the week’s readings. As much as it pains me to admit, I failed this challenge. The existing media that I chose to modify was Eric Clapton’s 1992 acoustic rendition ofContinue reading “GDD710 Week 2: Creativity”