Here’s an overview of some of my recent work. Drop me a message if you’d like to know more about any of these projects.

At a glance’ tone checker

I came up with this concept off the back of a research paper in wrote on computer-mediated communication.

My goal was to design a tool that would help young professionals overcome anxieties of communicating with colleagues in digital workspaces. It leverages machine learning to provide suggestions for improving written tone.

Disclaimer: This isn’t the final iteration of this concept! Check out my reflective essay to see my plans for further work.


Train/Train is a fitness tracker app concept. In a 12-week window, I refined the idea through preliminary user research and competitor analysis, and five iterations of user-tested prototyping.

Users are rewarded points for regular exercise that can be exchanged for discounts on train tickets via an in-app store. 

It also gives lone runners a voice chat lobby to share motivation, talk running form, or just chat to distract them from the pain of exercise.

Walk in the Woods

‘Walk in the woods’ is a digital audio-gamebook concept that leverages synthesised binaural sound (using Unity’s Audio Spatializer SDK)  to retell a selection of Brothers Grimm tales.

I was particularly pleased with the inclusivity of this product. Our designs were accessible for users with unilateral and bilateral hearing impairment, colour-specific and total visual impairment, motor impairment, and cognitive impairment.

Codevate CRO work

I overhauled codevate’s website in increments over six months. I followed a cyclical process of iterating on the design and copy, deploying the changes, then monitoring analytics and user activity heatmaps.

Coupled with a similar process on their Good Ads campaigns, I was able to refine their brand voice and hone in on key messaging.

At the end of the six-month period, I saw around a 300% increase in their CTR and 200% increase in conversion rate.

And some other bits…

Below is an assortment of other deliverables I have produced in the last few years. Again, If you’d like to know more about any of these, I’m happy to discuss them with you via email or over the phone.

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