GDD710 Week 7: Version Control

Image credit: Bimata Prathama Thursday 5th November. This week marked the start of the second rapid ideation challenge. Before I dive into the reflections, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate my Partner in this activity, Astrid. Our matched enthusiasm levels, work ethics, and learning objectives have made us an effective team. For readersContinue reading “GDD710 Week 7: Version Control”

GDD710 Week 6: Reading Week

Image credit: Mariia Zakatiura Tuesday 27th October. Since my post on Saturday, I’ve found that my productivity whilst building my wireframe has taken a nosedive. I’ve been describing my process as having two phases. The first was the ‘ideation’ phase, and the second is the ‘design’ phase. I didn’t move to any digital medium forContinue reading “GDD710 Week 6: Reading Week”

GDD710 Week 5: Reflection

Image credit: Marc-Olivier Jodoin Sunday 18th October. Today I started the digital wireframe for my concept. To add another tier of challenge I decided not to use my usual platforms of Adobe XD or Marvel. Instead I tried Axure. Despite the keybindings being different at times and the menus being structured differently, I was ableContinue reading “GDD710 Week 5: Reflection”

GDD710 Week 4: Time and Project Management

Image credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia Wednesday 14 October. In this evening’s webinar – about an hour and a half’s time – the theme for our first rapid ideation session will be announced. Now seems like a good time to share some thoughts. Most of the designs in my portfolio are what I’d call single-view artefacts. HighContinue reading “GDD710 Week 4: Time and Project Management”

GDD710 Week 3: Rapid Ideation

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema Monday 5th October. I had a pretty silly conversation with a colleague and close friend, Chris, today. The topic was, If the universe was a soap opera, which celestial bodies would have the most tragic story arc? Stay with me; I am going somewhere with this. My entry for the Saddest StarContinue reading “GDD710 Week 3: Rapid Ideation”

GDD710 Week 2: Creativity

Image credit: @zgc1993 This week’s challenge activity was to transform a piece of media into a new artefact, using one of the techniques discussed in the week’s readings. As much as it pains me to admit, I failed this challenge. The existing media that I chose to modify was Eric Clapton’s 1992 acoustic rendition ofContinue reading “GDD710 Week 2: Creativity”

GDD710 Week 1: Orientation

Image credit: Jametlene Reskp SITREPs & Pledges. For the first post of my critical reflective journal, I thought it would be appropriate to take inventory, of sorts. I’d like to log my knowledge of user experience design and product development, in both an industrial and academic capacity.  My studies in psychology and creative writing, and myContinue reading “GDD710 Week 1: Orientation”

Week 2 Discussion: Channelling Creativity.

Image credit: Luca Onniboni I thought I’d take the Inception approach to this post. I’m going to channel my creativity by detailing a strategy for channelling my creativity, that I came up with by channelling my creativity. Bear with me. Whilst working on my portfolio for undergrad Creative Writing, I spent a lot of time lookingContinue reading “Week 2 Discussion: Channelling Creativity.”

Weekly Challenge 1: Magpie Hoard

The first weekly challenge of the course was as follows: Use objects from around your home to create a custom avatar of yourself. The objects selected should not be random: they must tell a story or mean something to you. There are no other rules and you are encouraged to get visual and have someContinue reading “Weekly Challenge 1: Magpie Hoard”