GDD730 Week 12: Packaging Up For Submission

Image credit: Klára Vernarcová Historically, my week 12 posts have been a final review of my SMART goals for the module and a farewell to the module, with eyes already on the next study block. In this post, I will be revisiting my SMART goals, but first I should reflect on our run-up to submission.Continue reading “GDD730 Week 12: Packaging Up For Submission”

GDD730 Week 11: Adjourning

Image credit: Rita Ox As the end of this module and the corresponding deadlines draw disquietingly near, we enter Tuckman’s final stage of group development; adjourning (Tuckman and Jensen, 1977). It is recognised that the final phase of a team is its termination, and as much as this might be a source of anxiety, itContinue reading “GDD730 Week 11: Adjourning”

GDD730 Week 10: Industry Insights 2

Image credit: Patrick Tomasso Mirroring how this week’s content has been presented, I consider this post to be a continuation of what I discussed last week. This week, freelance concept artist and senior lecturer at falmouth university, Pheobe Herring (ca. 2020), shared her experience of being a freelance creative practitioner. In last week’s post, IContinue reading “GDD730 Week 10: Industry Insights 2”

GDD730 Week 9: Industry Insights 1

Image credit: Fabio Bracht This week’s content included an interview with Hi9 CEO, Wo King (ca. 2020), where he offered insights on business start-up. Listening to the talk, I found myself enthused by the idea of starting a business. Clearly I have more to reflect on here. As of this moment, I can’t say withContinue reading “GDD730 Week 9: Industry Insights 1”

GDD730 Week 8: Intellectual Property

Image credit: Umberto Since changing roles last week, my learning objectives for this module have shifted. As such, I should reconsider my SMART goals. I’ll no longer be focusing on building my UX skillset, and as such I don’t think my goals of improving my UX deliverables and developing my research skills are relevant. WithContinue reading “GDD730 Week 8: Intellectual Property”

GDD730 Week 7: Performing

Image credit: Chris Demers In last week’s post I briefly recapped our pitch practice run. What I didn’t acknowledge was the burnout I experienced once the pitch was over. I’ve had a long weekend away from course work (and from my desk) to process, reflect and take respite. At the time of writing this IContinue reading “GDD730 Week 7: Performing”

GDD730 Week 5: Norming

Image credit: Laura Ockel The third phase of Tuckman’s (1977) revised model of team effectiveness is known as ‘Norming’. This is the point in a team’s lifecycle where early conflicts are overcome and processes start to feel familiar. The team settles into a steady working cadence – ‘business as usual’. In this post, I’ll beContinue reading “GDD730 Week 5: Norming”

GDD730 Week 6: Pitch Practice

Image credit: Chris Moore The 24 hours running up to our pitch presentation slot were some of the most high pressure hours I have felt in this entire module. All things considered, I was happy with the pitch we delivered. It wasn’t without its minor mistakes (which would have been navigated with better organisation), butContinue reading “GDD730 Week 6: Pitch Practice”

GDD730 Week 4: Pitching

Image credit: Teemu Paananen This week’s lectures focused on the art of pitching a product. While I have contributed to pitch decks and product demos from behind the scenes, I have limited experience of delivering pitches. In this post, I’ll be discussing how planning for our pitch has developed my own practice. Alejandro Cremades (2018)Continue reading “GDD730 Week 4: Pitching”

GDD730 Week 3: Storming

Image credit: Max LaRochelle The title of this week’s content, Storming, refers to the second phase of Tuckman’s revised model of team effectiveness (Tuckman and Jensen, 1977). Storming is regarded as the phase in which considerable contention occurs. As processes and ideas are defined— and team members become familiar with one another— conflicts begin to arise.Continue reading “GDD730 Week 3: Storming”