UXD720 Week 5: Information Architecture

Image credit: Jennifer Zamora Considering information architecture.According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Information architecture refers to “the process of designing and organizing websites so that users can easily find the information they want.” Despite implementing revised information architecture on a number of occassions in my working life, this week’s content has introduced the term to me.Continue reading “UXD720 Week 5: Information Architecture”

UXD720 Week 4: Sketching & Wireframing

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema Establishing an approach to competitive analysis. Despite it being included in last week’s content, I decided to complete my competitor analysis this week so it was fresh in my mind to inform my wireframing. It turned out to be a bit of speed bump in my design journey. The first challengeContinue reading “UXD720 Week 4: Sketching & Wireframing”

UXD720 Week 3: Who Are Our Users?

Image credit: Jonas Jacobsson Typological and topographical analysis. Before I ask myself ‘who are my users?’, I need to update you—dear reader—on my progress on last week’s challenge activity. Neil Leonard and Gavin Ambrose, 2012 pp. 128-129, describe two approaches to categorising; typology and topography. Typology refers to the study of groups of things, andContinue reading “UXD720 Week 3: Who Are Our Users?”

UXD720 Week 2: User Research

Image credit: Dan Dimmock Acquiring a qualitative mindset. Carrying out user research has always been something that I have shied away from. That’s partly because I think there’s an expectation for a researcher to be an expert in their field, and I’m yet to feel like an expert in any facet of the tech industry.Continue reading “UXD720 Week 2: User Research”

Week 5 Discussion: on/in/for action reflection

Reflect on-action – What critical incidents led you to enroll on the course? One of my biggest motivations for enrolling at Falmouth was being unsatisfied with the creative opportunities I had at work. Most of my design jobs came in the form of revamps to single web pages, or social media posts. I would knock outContinue reading “Week 5 Discussion: on/in/for action reflection”

GDD710 Week 12: Finale

Image credit: Mio Ito And there we have it. This post marks the final week of content for the first module of this course. Extending the metaphor I used to open my ‘Foreword’ post, I’m now a few storeys up on the UX tower. To bring everything together, I’d now like to revisit the learningContinue reading “GDD710 Week 12: Finale”

CRJ Week 11: Real WORKS

Image credit: Daniel Cheung Going into this week as someone seeking employment, I’m keen to reap as much value from the content as I can. In the last two months, I’ve produced multiple iterations of my CV. One of the more recent additions is a link to my about page. There, I’ve showcased some ofContinue reading “CRJ Week 11: Real WORKS”

GDD710 Week 10: Agile Practice

Image credit: Andrea Lightfoot Of the working environments that I have had exposure to in this industry (either by employment, visit, or as an interviewee) all have claimed to use agile practices. Several reported using a combination of Lean, Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, unique in one way or another. In the companies that IContinue reading “GDD710 Week 10: Agile Practice”

GDD710 Week 9: Communities of Practice

Image credit: Park Troopers Having been in the tech industry for only three years, I consider myself to be somewhat of a novice in UX design. Of course, if that wasn’t the case I probably wouldn’t be studying what I am today. That’s not to say that I am still at the first stepping stoneContinue reading “GDD710 Week 9: Communities of Practice”

GDD710 Week 8: Research

Image credit: Michael Longmire Whilst working on our wireframes of RI2, Astrid and I briefly discussed, if we were to turn the artefact into a business venture, how would we go about collecting user feedback. Initally, I proposed the idea of beta testing with a small demographic. In previous roles, I have suplemented automated testsContinue reading “GDD710 Week 8: Research”