GDD730 Week 2: Ideation

Image credit: Victoria Wendish This week’s title, Ideation, refers to the process of generating ideas and solutions, typically through activities and frameworked sessions like sketching, wireframing, and brainstorming (Rikke Friis Dam and Teo Yu Siang, 2021). I’ve reflected on my approach to ideation a few times since starting this course, so in this post I’ll summarise myContinue reading “GDD730 Week 2: Ideation”

GDD730 Week 1: Forming

Featured Image: NeONBRAND The title of this week’s post refers to Tuckman’s revised model of team effectiveness (Tuckman and Jensen, 1977). The five phases of Tuckmans model are: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In the ‘forming’ phase, a new team is formed, and it’s members may feel a mix of excitement and anxiety forContinue reading “GDD730 Week 1: Forming”

UXD720 Week 12: Reflection Week

Image credit: Old Youth It was remarkably difficult to get this post started. It feels like a ‘goodbye’ of sorts. There hasn’t been a day in the last four months that I haven’t spent at least a bit of time thinking about my prototype, and this post marks the close of that chapter. As happyContinue reading “UXD720 Week 12: Reflection Week”

UXD720 Week 11: Delivering a Case Study

Image credit: Alex Litvin UXD720 in retrospect.As we near the end of this module, it feels as though I have one last opportunity to come up for air and reflect on my journey over the last 3 months before I knuckle back down for the final push. Conveniently, part of this module’s assignment is toContinue reading “UXD720 Week 11: Delivering a Case Study”

UXD720 Week 10: Content

Image credit: American Heritage Chocolate Reflecting on service design in the workplace. I had a pretty involved conversation with a close friend this week. It started casually enough; he asked how my studies were going, and what I had been reading about. I said I was looking into service design. As I summarised what IContinue reading “UXD720 Week 10: Content”

UXD720 Week 9: Web Design

Image credit: Florian Olivo Revisions for responsive design.Following the guidance set in this week’s course content, I aligned the structure of my prototype to a four column grid. This was definitely an improvement in most cases, but the ‘stats’ and ‘points’ pages still looked very dense; each column in the grid system was being usedContinue reading “UXD720 Week 9: Web Design”

UXD720 Week 8: Visual Design

Image credit: Amador Loureiro Visual design, as demanded by usability testing. A few weeks back, I started to look at colour palettes for my app. I flitted between palette-picker apps, picked a few colours, applied them to my prototype, felt entirely unsatisfied, and ran out of steam. I made no progress with my prototype, atContinue reading “UXD720 Week 8: Visual Design”

UXD720 Week 7: Prototyping & Usability

Image credit: Sigmund Learnings from prototype iteration #1. I’ve now made the jump from analog wireframes to an early digital prototype. I found the biggest surprise of that process to be the number of details my wireframes overlooked. Following one user’s journey through my app has left so many facets of the system untouched andContinue reading “UXD720 Week 7: Prototyping & Usability”

UXD720 Week 1: Orientation

Image credit: Robert Wiedemann After hibernating for the last few weeks, It’s now time to get back into academia. Let’s crack on. The module opened by asking us to discuss what UX means to us. I presented UX in two, juxtaposing lights. In one breath, UX practitioners create stellar, revolutionary user journeys, pioneering and architectingContinue reading “UXD720 Week 1: Orientation”

UXD720 Week 6: Reading Week

Image credit: Annie Spratt One of my biggest insecurities of the last module was my struggle with academic papers. I romanticised the idea of getting lost in scholarly literature, like Gandalf searching the old archives at Minas Tirith… At least once a week I found myself totally despondent at my inability to engage with peerContinue reading “UXD720 Week 6: Reading Week”