UXD720 Week 12: Reflection Week

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It was remarkably difficult to get this post started. It feels like a ‘goodbye’ of sorts. There hasn’t been a day in the last four months that I haven’t spent at least a bit of time thinking about my prototype, and this post marks the close of that chapter.

As happy as I am with my work on the TrainTrain prototype, I don’t know that I’ll ever revisit the concept. If my studies and my career pan out the way I hope they do, I’ll have a whole heap of other interesting concepts to design for.

And to help everything pan out accordingly, I have come up with four SMART goals for the next module:

Improve my UX deliverables.
To give me more experience of producing UX deliverables as demanded by a career in UX, I will produce at least one high fidelity deliverable in each quarter of GDD730. These deliverables will align with the research and design phases of my design process, and I will complete them as though they were being presented to stakeholders.

Avoid writing burnout.
To avoid the burnout that I mentioned in my week 11 blog, I will write journal notes as and when I study in the next module. I’ll then consolidate my notes into a blog post once a week, on the evening before the following week’s content is revealed. If there is ever a reason that I can’t follow that structure, I will write my blog post a day earlier.

Refine my academic writing.
To limit where my creative flair might hinder my academic writing, I will consult Falmouth University’s ASK: Academic Skills team for feedback on my GDD730 ‘Reading Week’ post and on my writing for the module’s assignments (providing that the assignments require academic writing).

Develop my research skills.
To continue improving my user research skills as I have done in this module, I will record any interviews I carry out in GDD730. I will seek feedback on my performance in the interviews from my course tutors and mentors.

To hold myself accountable, I have set Google calendar reminders to review these SMART goals at regular intervals through the next module. My first reminder is set for the start of the module, 31st May.

I’ll see you then!

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Experience enthusiast. UX/UI designer. Father to (little) one. Currently studying MA User Experience Design at Falmouth University. Here’s the chronicle.

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