Week 5 Discussion: on/in/for action reflection

  • Reflect on-action – What critical incidents led you to enroll on the course?

One of my biggest motivations for enrolling at Falmouth was being unsatisfied with the creative opportunities I had at work.

Most of my design jobs came in the form of revamps to single web pages, or social media posts. I would knock out a design task by myself in a few hours, then move onto something else. Nothing to get my teeth into.

In the role before that, I was heavily involved with a long-term project as a support advisor and QA tester. That was a more meaty job, but it didn’t allow me any creative freedom.

My end-goal for this course is to secure a career combining the perks of the two roles. Creative work where I can immerse myself in evolving problems, and deliver bleeding-edge solutions alongside a development team.

  • Reflect in-action – What critical incidents, if any, are you experiencing?

Right now, I’m unemployed. On one hand, that does give me more time to commit to the course. On the other, it comes with a few sleepless nights – I can’t support my family on my savings forever.

Now, more than ever, I need to apply every learning I take away from the course. If I want to be employable for a design position, I need to demonstrate every skill that I have, and I need to be agile in my job hunt strategy. My portfolio needs to continously expand, my CV needs to be iterated on, and I need to ruthlessly chase feedback.

  • Reflect for-action – How are the first two points shaping your outlook for the future?

My on-action reflection has helped me understand where my career path should lead for me to be satisfied in my day-to-day.

My in-action reflection pushes me away from complacency. I need to be proactive in my studies and I need to be proactive professionally if I want to move forward.

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Experience enthusiast. UX/UI designer. Father to (little) one. Currently studying MA User Experience Design at Falmouth University. Here’s the chronicle.

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