Weekly Challenge 1: Magpie Hoard

The first weekly challenge of the course was as follows:

Use objects from around your home to create a custom avatar of yourself. The objects selected should not be random: they must tell a story or mean something to you. There are no other rules and you are encouraged to get visual and have some fun.

Once finished, take a picture of your avatar and post it to the forum. Include a paragraph or two about the objects selected and what they mean to you. You might want to use the avatar as your profile picture.

Behold! My stuff.

As a serial nest builder, I always have a good few knick-knacks and thingies on my desk. For this challenge, I decided to take that to the extreme. There’s really too much stuff for me to cover in short form. So, sweeping from the left, I’ll pick out a few noteworthy objects. Here goes:

  • In the black frame is the first picture ever taken of my daughter, Layla-Mae. She looked like a kidney bean back then. Still beautiful though.
  • Up next, a few tomatoes from this year’s harvest. My partner doesn’t like tomatoes, so I’ve been eating them with virtually every meal.
  • Above that is a Mungo’s Hi-Fi vinyl. Check them out if you haven’t heard of them — really cool blends of eastern and western sounds with heavy bass.
  • Below is my favourite cap. Good vibes only. Words to live by.
  • In the dead-centre is my carp reel. I don’t catch many fish, much as I try.
  • Front and centre — a Christmas tree ornament with Layla’s name on it. Call this a metaphor for my anticipation for the near future.
  • To the right of that, we’ve got a couple of robots playing Hive, as only the most intelligent robots do.
  • Right again, is my mouse. Mx Master. If you know, you know.
  • Finally, at the right edge of the table is a cheap metronome I bought online. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but it sounds plasticky and horrible. Good design, bad experience!

If anyone is curious about something I haven’t mentioned, drop me a comment!

Published by Josh 'Skoob' Brough

Experience enthusiast. UX/UI designer. Father to (little) one. Currently studying MA User Experience Design at Falmouth University. Here’s the chronicle.

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