We’re at week one of the first module. Ground floor of the UX tower.

To set the scene, I’m studying user experience design at Falmouth University. At undergrad, I majored in Psychology and minored in creative writing. After graduating, I did a 12-month stint intervention teaching at GCSE level. Since then, I’ve spent three years in the tech industry.

My first experience of UX design was in working on a SaaS product for estate agents. I was mostly involved in business ops, QA, and the occasional bit of customer support. But I was always fascinated by what our resident UX designer, Antonio, was working on. I spent more time than I should have, peeking over his shoulder at his prototypes. Watching his design process gave me a craving for a creative outlet.

I currently handle the marketing for a small bespoke software company in Birmingham. I’ve found that designing brand assets and social media content somewhat scratches that creative itch, but I have missed being directly involved with a product.

From here on out, I‘ll develop the breadth and depth of skills to create satisfying and delighting digital experiences. I recently played Elite: Dangerous in VR, with a HOTAS controller. Every time I throttled up to jump to a new star system, I got goosebumps. When I can create experiences that elicit that same sensory response, I’ll consider my career a success.

Published by Josh 'Skoob' Brough

Experience enthusiast. UX/UI designer. Father to (little) one. Currently studying MA User Experience Design at Falmouth University. Here’s the chronicle.

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