I’m Josh.

Welcome to my blog!

I like making cool stuff, and I specialise in compassionate user research and inclusive experience design. I’m the solution-finder that your product team might just need.


  • User research: The prerequisite for any project. I get to know users and unpick their requirements.
  • Accessible design: More than just satisfying WCAG guidelines, I design accessible products from the ground up.
  • Iterative prototyping: I keep tidy version control, and I’m always ready to pivot designs to fit new insights and data.
  • Visual design: I pack my designs with on-brand style and personality so they look as good as they feel.
  • Idea communication: My UX practice is built on communication— with stakeholders, as much as with end-users.


“Josh is bright hardworking and extremely personable guy. He has a remarkable knack of understanding varying problems and is a truly out of the box thinker. A real problem solver and logical thinker that was a pleasure to work with.”

Awais Ahmed,
CEO of HiDR Media, Founder of Hystreet

“I worked on a project with Josh, and he was our team leader for a team of 5. Apart from user experience expertise, Josh also managed the project. Josh tackled issues very creatively, and with a breadth and maturity that I’ve rarely seen in my own 20 year career in consumer app development. I would definitely work with him again in future, and he would be a very valuable addition to any team looking for a UX practitioner, or more.”

Juan Uys,
Technical lead of Falmouth Foulmouths Project

“I had the personal and professional good fortune to work with Josh. His dedication and his keen eye for detail are exceptional, especially when designing prototypes and user experiences.”

Astrid Arismendi,
MA User Experience Design coursemate at Falmouth Univeristy

“Josh’s ability to step through problems logically and communicate new perspectives has helped our clients pivot when their original idea was unworkable or could be innovated upon. Our clients have had nothing but praise for the workshops and Josh’s involvement in them.”

Chris Lush,
Senior softare developer at Codevate

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